Meet Us


We believe in cross-pollination of ideas and experiences. Our team brings together very
diverse fields of expertise: academia, leadership, politics, grassroots organizing, civic tech,
economics, finance, entrepreneurship, media, and policy.

Valerio Riavez
Valerio RiavezExecutive Director
Axelle Bagot-Hennemand
Axelle Bagot-HennemandFellowship Co-Director
Hannah Starman
Hannah StarmanDirector of Communication and Partnerships
Philipp Essl
Philipp EsslFellowship Co-Director
Nicolas Miailhe
Nicolas MiailheDirector of Innovation
Gianfranco Gianfrate
Gianfranco GianfrateChair
Valeria Piantoni
Valeria PiantoniSocial Media Lead
George-Axelle Broussillon Matschinga
George-Axelle Broussillon MatschingaDiversity Lead
Julio Lumbreras
Julio LumbrerasSpecial Project Lead
Eva Bernard
Eva BernardCommunication Lead
Henning Ringholz
Henning RingholzSpecial Project Lead
Ana Babovic
Ana BabovicOrganizing Lead
Camille Courtaud
Camille CourtaudSocial Entrepreneurship Lead
Boris Falatar
Boris FalatarSpecial Project Lead
Andres De Riva
Andres De RivaSpecial Project Lead
Antonio Labrador
Antonio LabradorTrainer in Adaptive Leadership
Borja Santos Porras
Borja Santos PorrasSpecial Project Lead
Jens Kristian Rasmussen
Jens Kristian RasmussenTrainer in Adaptive Leadership and Organizing
Sarah Glavey
Sarah GlaveyTrainer in Adaptive Leadership

Academic Advisors

The first line of Harvard’s leadership curriculum


Some of the organizations we have worked with