The Lab

We are a Civic Action Lab

Our goal is to shape the future of Europe by empowering a new generation of civic and political leaders through training, mentoring, and community building.

Our tools are workshops and grassroots campaigns, mentoring to individuals and organizations, and media products aimed at fostering civic participation of European citizens.

What we do

We operate via three different channels:

Training programs in grassroots organizing, adaptive leadership, political campaigning, new media, and civic tech. We do this via a fellowship program, workshops, webinars, seminars, online tools, and coaching.

Field campaigns aimed at fostering citizen’s participation and at helping citizens connect with their European identity. Our end goal is to expand the base of pro-European citizens across Europe.

Mentoring providedto organizations and individuals who want to support the European project and are facing dilemmas in leadership, organizing, and campaigning.

Our guiding principles

Seven principles guide our relationships and activities:


On the ground. Engaging citizens is the key to foster European integration: by meaningful human interaction and true listening, founded on the will to explore and genuine curiosity.

Beyond the pro-EU bubble. We aim at reconnecting with the peripheries of Europe. We want to expand the base of pro-European citizens across Europe by helping all citizens connect with their European identity.

People-centric. Change begins with people. If people can change, then complex systems can also change. The journey starts with self-development, hence we look for people who have the courage to undertake personal journeys with hope, conviction, and will to learn.

Pan-European at birth. We want to reverse the old logic under which people from different countries federate as Europeans but represent national interests. We are pan-European at birth.

Experimenting. We are a Lab and explore with new ways of doing things. We aim at becoming an incubator for all agents of change across Europe.

Sense of service. The way to unlock Europe’s future is by committing to one another and to our communities by means of care, friendship, (indignation), and compassion. Beyond cynicism, beyond self-interest.

Integrating diversity. We want to embrace Europe’s diversity in its broader sense: political ideology, affiliation, professional backgrounds, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality.