Summer Fellowship

  • 1. Is the Summer Fellowship free of charge?

    Fellows are asked to pay a symbolic contribution of 200 Eur for participating in the Fellowship Program. Further the Fellowship will provide accommodation and meals free of charge. Transportation (local and international) needs to be covered by the Fellow.

  • 2. Are there scholarships available?

    Where potential Fellows are unable to pay for their travel expenses and participation fee, we will explore on a case by case basis the possibility of providing sponsorships to such individuals, in the spirit of inclusion and diversity. Sponsorships will be subject to the availability of funding.

  • 3. Do I have to be European to apply to Yes Europe Lab Fellowships?

    NO. We recognize that the boundaries of Europe are not set in stone and our application is open to all candidates who demonstrate passion and commitment for the European project.

  • 4. Do I have to come from mainstream political parties?

    NO. Yes Europe Lab Fellowship is open to every individual willing to work for Europe regardless of political affiliations and commitments.

  • 5. Are you affiliated with any political parties?

    NO. Yes Europe Lab is not affiliated with any political parties. Some of our leaders and/or mentors have party affiliations (across the political spectrum), others don’t. The same is true for civic movements and unions.


  • 1. Who will make the selection?

    Fellows will be selected by the Yes Europe Lab leadership team. The team will rely on its networks of advisors and mentors to constitute the most pertinent cohort.

  • 2. On what criteria is the selection based?

    The goal of the Yes Europe Lab Summer Fellowship is to constitute and develop closely-knit and diverse cohorts of civic leaders. Selection criteria are therefore based on a range of holistic and individual factors to foster collective intelligence and individual development. Some of the key aspects we will look into include leadership potential, passion and commitment for Europe, and diversity.

  • 3. Do you allow a diversity of political and social thoughts among the Yes Europe Lab Summer Fellows?

    YES. Not only do we allow but we actively seek and cultivate diversity of views, backgrounds and trajectories. That’s a crucial factor!


  • 1. What are the main benefits of the Yes Europe Lab Fellowship?

    Yes Europe Lab Summer Fellows are “doers”.In addition to learning from each other’s experiences, the Fellowship offers the opportunity of transforming your skills and advancing your knowledge in an experiential, creative learning environment based on curricula and methodologies created by Harvard Kennedy School’s top professors. The intensive workshop and coaching programme will provide you with the skills, the knowledge, and network of allies to launch and implement powerful civic action and political campaigns.

    The Summer Fellowship represents a unique opportunity to engage in a profound personal and professional journey. It revolves around three elements: transformative, residential training; coaching; and online learning.

  • 2. Will I have access to Harvard professors?

    You will have access to some of the Lead Teaching Fellows at Harvard, though usually not directly to professors. The trainings are led by Teaching Fellows and former Teaching Fellows from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, but aren’t sponsored by Harvard University.

  • 3. Do I have to attend the full Fellowship program?

    Full participation in the residential workshop and one-on-one coaching sessions is required. In addition, Fellows are required to attend the initial online session prior to the workshop, as well as a minimum of three online learning sessions, following the workshop.

  • 4. Can I keep the material of the lectures?

    YES. Fellows can keep the material of the lectures for private use only.

Fellowship Coaching Program

  • 1. Will I be assigned to a specific contact person/coach?

    YES, you will be assigned a dedicated Yes Europe Lab coach for the duration of the Fellowship. In addition, you will form small groups with other Fellows during the residential workshop to provide peer-coaching support to each other.

  • 2. How often shall I expect my coach to give me support/guidance?

    You will agree with your coach at the residential workshop on a regular interval for your coaching sessions for the remaining part of the program. You will be encouraged to engage with your coach at least on a fortnightly basis for 45 min per session.

  • 3. How will the matching between Fellows and coaches be decided?

    The matching will be decided by the Lab Fellowship team, based on professional and personal background of Fellows and coaches.

  • 4. Will Fellows be allowed to change coach?

    NO. But if there is a lack of understanding between a Fellow and his or her coach, the Lab Fellowship team will intervene to propose a replacement solution.

What happens next

  • 1. Can I lose my status of Yes Europe Lab Summer Fellow?

    You could lose your Yes Europe Lab fellow status due to fraud, felony or violent crimes. Equally, non-participation in one of the online sessions or the full residential workshop prevent Fellows from further participating and completing the program.

  • 2. Will I have access to the Lab’s activities once I have completed the program?

    Of course!